The Mitsubishi Magnum is a compact pick up that has been produced (mainly in Thailand) for nearly twenty years. It is now in its latest generation which is most commonly known as a Mitsubishi Triton or L200. We have the best access to tens of thousands of Mitsubishi Magnum spares mainly due to our location in Bangkok. In addition, we are an official Mitsubishi distributor which gives us the buying power to purchase stock at the lowest prices. In addition to genuine Mitsubishi Magnum spare parts, we also stock and have access to Mitsubishi magnum oem spares for Magnum pick ups of all ages. One must not forget that most of the vehicles and many of the parts are made here in Thailand, giving us the chance to buy and sell cheapest Mitsubishi magnum spares.


Magnum 1996 - 2005


The first generation Mitsubishi Magnum is a compact pickup that was produced up until the vehicle had a complete makeover and revamp in 2005. Known by different names in different markets, this tough and reliable pickup is basically a Strada / L200 / Storm / Triton / Warrior. Although the vehicle with a Magnum badge was never sold in Thailand, these vehicle variants are and were manufactured here, as are many of the parts. Therefore, we at are able to offer thousands of genuine Magnum spare parts, as well as OEM Magnum spares. Our location not only gives us access to the parts from their source at the cheapest possible prices but also makes distribution easy due to the logistical convenience of our base in Bangkok. Genuine Mitsubishi Magnum spare parts are still highly sought-after sales products due to the popularity of the vehicle in its many guises in markets all over the world. While we will always recommend genuine Mitsubishi spares to our customers, we do also have access to OEM Magnum spare parts, which are often exactly the same in quality as the genuine Mitsubishi Magnum spare parts due to being manufactured on the same production lines. Regardless of whether you are after genuine Magnum spares, OEM Magnum spares, or a mix of the two, we are able to offer competitive prices and an honest and efficient service. Being a Mitsubishi parts distributor, we have the buying power to buy at the best prices to pass on to our customers. We offer cheap genuine Mitsubishi Magnum spare parts. Please contact us for our most competitive quotation. Please give as many details as possible about the vehicle(s) in order for our staff to be as helpful as possible. In addition, please state which level of spares you are interested in purchasing. Those who do not specify will only be given prices for genuine Mitsubishi Magnum spare parts. 


MAGNUM 2005 -

magnum-2005-The new Mitsubishi Magnum pick up is built in Thailand and most commonly known as the Triton or L200. It is a popular and reliable compact pickup truck that has been manufactured since its launch in 2005. We at are based in Bangkok and this e gives us the perfect opportunity to buy, sell and distribute cheap new Mitsubishi Magnum spares and spare parts. Our location benefits our ability to buy Mitsubishi Magnum spares at their source (and therefore the lowest price) and distribute them to our customer base via several distribution options. In addition to genuine Mitsubishi new Magnum spare parts, we also sell cheap OEM Mitsubishi Magnum spares and spare parts for customers who know that they are in fact identical to genuine parts, but are just packaged in a different box. However, we always recommend the fitment of genuine Mitsubishi parts whenever possible. Customers enquiring for Magnum spares will always and automatically be given quotes for and supplied with genuine Mitsubishi parts unless they specifically request us to do otherwise. contact us today for the most competitive prices for Mitsubishi Magnum genuine parts to almost anywhere.





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