HinoHino trucks and buses are world-renowned heavy duty and commercial vehicles, from the Hino Motors Ltd. in Japan. The company is part of the Toyota Group, which gives them buying and manufacturing power beyond the reach of most of their competition. Although a Japanese company, originating in Hino City of Tokyo prefecture, Hino trucks and their spare parts are manufactured in other countries around the world. They do this for several reasons, mainly including logistical convenience and minimizing costs. Hino heavy duty truck parts are commonly needed in their dozens of worldwide markets due to the use and mileage that the vehicles endure. Hino-truckThey are not in any way unreliable, in fact the opposite would be a fair reflection on these hardy trucks and buses, but high mileage (routine maintenance) and potential accident damage leads to the need of replacement parts. Replacement Hino truck spares can come in a variety of forms and prices. We stock and have access to thousands of different genuine Hino spare parts, in addition to various other forms of replacement Hino parts. The term 'replacement parts' usually refers to non-genuine, but acceptable quality. hino-truck-1OEM parts are as good as genuine, because they're manufactured alongside the genuine Hino parts, then packaged and sold differently. Genuine Hino parts are guaranteed to be the best quality and are sold through independent and franchised networks. Unfortunately for franchised Hino dealers, they are only able to offer genuine Hino spares for sale, whereas independent dealers and wholesalers can choose the best options for the Hino parts that they keep in stock. In some situations, only genuine Hino spares are suitable, but in other cases, top-quality OEM Hino spare parts are the perfect balance of quality and price. An option which some truck owners choose, but we do not recommend, to reduce costs further is to purchase from truck breakers (also known as truck dismantlers or truck salvage yards). Secondhand trucks and auto parts cannot be trusted, as the amount and type of use they have already experienced cannot be guaranteed. Those customers who require cheap auto parts for Hino trucks should look firstly for genuine Hino truck parts for sale, then, according to their budget, consider OEM Hino parts. Generally, semi truck parts are simple and hardy items, which offer no glamour or beauty, but just perform their task. Here at we encourage owners of all trucks to carefully consider the balance between not wasting capital and ensuring that their trucks are fitted with the best-quality parts. Therefore we offer both genuine Hino truck spares as well as top-quality Hino oem spares. Buying spare parts online needn't be a risk, as we pride ourselves on honesty and efficiency at every stage of the sale and transportation of goods.

HinoHino trucks are sold in countries all over the world, in both left-hand and right-hand drive. The different markets have slightly different and very different vehicles in their ranges, depending on what the consumers, roads and workloads demand. From a small four-wheel truck to a 33,000 GVW Class 7, the range is tough, reliable, comfortable and economical. These important attributes make Hino trucks incredibly popular around the world. Although the company is Japanese, Hino trucks are made and sold in several other countries, and so are genuine and OEM Hino truck parts. Here at in Thailand, we have the good fortune to be located within reach of the parts' factories, as well as dozens of different transportation options to get the parts delivered to our customers around the world as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Many people are unaware of where many products they use come from. Auto parts are commonly made in countries other than where the vehicles are assembled or finally sold and used. Genuine and OEM Hino truck parts are no different. Even those huge left-hand drive Hino trucks which deliver goods around North America consist of some parts which are manufactured in Asia. Whichever Hino parts you require, please contact us to see whether we are able to supply them for independent import to your country at prices lower than you would normally pay. Our staff are experienced and diligent, offering the best Hino parts prices along with honesty and service which is becoming all too rare in today's online business world. Our team is big enough to cope, but small enough to care. Call or email now for an obligation free quotation for the cheapest Hino spare parts.




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