The Retail Cost Of Genuine Parts Is No Longer In The Hands Of Manufacturers

brake-lightIn years gone by, we used to fix our cars ourselves. The vehicles were simple and needed little maintenance, much of which could be done at home. There were very few franchised dealers, especially those with service and parts departments which could be afforded by the average family or small business. Things changed a couple of generations ago, with franchised dealer networks expanding all over the country and cars becoming more sophisticated and complicated. To keep up with market trends and advances in technology, the manufacturers expanded their ranges and updated models too frequently for most people to be able to keep up. Microchips and microprocessors became more and more common, saving time and cost in the manufacture and, according to the Research and Development teams, offering better reliability. ECUs (electronic control units) control most parts of the average car, and in some more expensive models link to a main computer under the hood.

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Many Japanese Car Parts Exporters Are Not based In Japan

Japanese-car-manufactures-logosAlthough it is relatively common knowledge that most car manufacturers, especially those originating in Japan, assemble vehicles locally, most do not know to what extent or why? With ever-increasing competition and smaller profit margins, the likes of Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi need to supply the best-quality products while keeping manufacturing costs to a minimum.

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All New 2013 Mitsubishi Attrage (Mirage G4)

thumb Mirage-G4-SedanIn contrast to most Europeans, consumers in the Asian car markets appear to prefer small sedan (saloon) cars to hatchbacks. Vehicles such as the Toyota Vios and Honda's City and Brio Amaze would not be very well received in most European showrooms, but sell well in the east. Even Ford's Fiesta and the Mazda 2 are only available in hatchback form in many countries. One of Japan's most popular and successful car manufacturers, and one which has made comfortable and reliable small and medium-size sedan cars for decades, has now joined the party. Mitsubishi have just introduced the four door version of their latest passenger car, the 2012 model Mirage. While in most countries the new sedan will be called the Attrage, the Philippine market will badge theirs the Mitsubishi Mirage G4.

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Fuso Parts

canterOn every continent of the world trucks and lorries are driven to transport goods or people from one place to another. Generally, these vehicles are used as tools, rather than pampered like many passenger vehicles such as regular cars. Often loaded heavily and driven over rough surfaces, trucks regularly need to have their parts replaced. Similar to buying car parts online buying truck spare parts involves getting the best value possible, while maintaining the quality and speed of delivery required.

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